31 Aug 2014

Da3ch and the Ice bucket challenge

Latest da3ech video , the ISL challenge , and they nominate  , Brack Obama ,King of Saudi Arabia  and Bachar al-assad       
31 Aug 2014

Marwan Kayrouz Qaher al nisaa2 but this time with Carla Hadad

Marwan Kayrouz with Tony Abou Jaoudeh and Carla Hadad , with a cute selfie , but it seems Carla didn’t  like and asked marwan to remove it , and again Marwan Kayrouz with his charm makes stars angry
31 Aug 2014

3alam Da3ech 5at a7mar ya a7mar !

Min e5er nahfet el cha3b el lebnene Mane3 hark 3alam da3ch ! why ? coz maktoob 3le la ilah illa allah ! Madel hal add bit7afzu 3a kalimat la illah illa allah kif bte2balu tutsta3mal b tanzeem
28 Aug 2014

Rabih Gemayel Discover that his Gf Tamara El Souki a Lesbian

Yes its another Lebanese Video Clip , but a new idea  , so lets talk bil 3arabe el mchabrah ! Sadmet 3umri mich bas el Geneye kamen sadmet 3umri el video clip also , finaly fatahu seeret
27 Aug 2014

Lara Kay and the ISL challenge W kay em hal chagle .

Wuslet el Ice Bucket Challenge la Najmetna , w Fananetna , w usturet el fan al raqi , w safiretna lal nujumieh LARA KAY , Yes Lara Kay el rakzi wil 3a2li tnezalet w 3emlet el ISL
26 Aug 2014

Aley City 3arooset Lebnan Arzet el jabal

Lebanon and its beauty  , after junieh , saida , Beirut ext… There is another amazing Lebanese city called ALEY , also Known as 3arooset el masayef and recently 3arooset Lebnan Arzet el jabal .A remarkable video was sent
24 Aug 2014

Lebanese Lara Kay goes Naked

Btetzakaru Lara Kay , the Wa7ch song  ? w other stupid youtube videos , well now she goes naked  , check her youtube profile Click Here   , besides when you look at her face you feel
24 Aug 2014

Public Sex , eeez meeez on the road .

Public Sex ma 5talfna  ,but public public ya3ni chwai su3be nefhama , masalan in Lebanon we have public sex , but bil cars , ta7t bil 7erch , but in brasil el ussa geir , they have
23 Aug 2014

Lebanese Disney Land

Imagine masalan  calling your kid to jump from the first floor ! crazy ma heik , well for some parents no , check the video .    
21 Aug 2014

El Lebnene Lsenu chegel his hands !

Lebnene  ma fi chak 3endu enfisam bil chakseye , inu 3ade bi-koon tabai3i w izzzzzz  , toooooot …. watch the video .   Post by Charbbo Charbel.
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